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Website Maintenance

Why hire expensive staff to look after you company website?

WebsiteGate offer a range of website maintenance packages to suit all businesses. The range of packages are ideal for companies who are looking to outsource their website development work and save on staff costs. We offer a standard rate and regular packages.

Standard rate

Our standard rate is for ad-hoc work, though if you anticipate regular work then it may be worth joining a maintenance package.

  • Our standard rate for web maintenance, minimum of 1 hour/week

Regular maintenance packages

If you need regular quarterly or monthly updates to your site you can make further savings by choosing one of the following packages. This package includes the following benefits:

  • Full technical support during office hours
  • Monthly reports on your website's popularity
  • Addition/editing of new pages and graphics
  • Continual website evaluation & advice on improvements
  • Updates made within the specified time, in the working week
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