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The Key ingredient in the design of the most effective web sites for commerce is their e-business strategy. Only the top ten percent of the Fortune 500 companies are taking the right approach on the Internet.
Our first step in building your web site will be an analysis of your company. Too often, businesses make the mistake of building a site through inexperienced webmasters using savvy Java applets that, although may be dazzling, distract from the important message and require significant computer resources. These features quickly become tiring.

Web Design that works requires more than a techie touch. In fact, the rules to marketing and advertising still apply in this virtual medium. You need web designers who have real business experience first and foremost. At Websitegate we have that experience.
We will plan with you to create a site that is both fun and functional. We will take digital pictures and create graphics and design that is eye catching and informative.

  • Graphics and Logo Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Database and Forms
  • e-mail and Auto-response
  • Frequent updates
  • Advanced web statistics
  • 400 search engine registration
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